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By Stephanie
Posted on 06.03.2019
Honestly! What can i say?? Im a second time mum and i couldnt latch my first born properly and ended up with masitis so i quit. This time around i planned.. no pressure. If breastfeeding didnt work i would express. Im now 7 weeks expressing but i ended up missing pumping sessions, i didnt realise how badly it can affect your supply. I was scrolling through #pumpingmums on instagram whilst doing the night feed, when i came across boo.b, i read the reviews and watched the reviews highlights over and over and over again for about 3 days. I thought finally a lactation supplement supplier based in the UK! I went for the sample pack with all flavours to test the waters. I track my pumping sessions using the medela app and the week when i wasnt having the smoothies my weekly avg was 182oz... this week my weekly avg is 217oz!!! I cant believe it! Iv ran out now and NEED to buy more haha!
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