Review of Oreo Smoothie Blend - 6 sachets per pack

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By Heather M.
Posted on 17.08.2020
I’ve been following boo. b on Instagram for a while and found all the breastfeeding advice really helpful but didn’t believe that the blends would make any difference to my supply, I thought it was just another thing to pay out for but I was so wrong! I started expressing and wasn’t getting very much out in a session. The amount I was getting was about 60-70mls and this was consistent for about 2weeks so I thought I’d give the blends a go. I had the blends two days in a row and was very shocked to find out that on the third day my supply had more than doubled from what it had been! These really do work and they are super tasty at the same time. I will definitely be coming back for more, thank you!!
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