Review of Real Chocolate Smoothie Blend - 9 sachets per pack

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By Deborah
Posted on 13.02.2019
This actually WORKS...! I made my first purchase in November 2018 as my supply was dwindling. I wanted to be able to continue bottle feeding using my expressed breast milk so I was interested in giving the smoothies a go. After 3 days, I could see a difference in my supply and the fat content - I used to have a slither of fat at the top of my breast milk and now it’s definitely tripled, it’s more like the froth on top of a latte! I used to produce about 50ml after 20 mins of pumping one breast and now I get up to 200ml whilst regularly drinking the smoothies. The best part is that I recommend the smoothies to a friend who is now a new mum and she is now able to breastfeed exclusively...!!! So we’re both very happy with the results... Well done for creating this and keeping mums milking!
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