Review of Real Chocolate Smoothie Blend - 9 sachets per pack

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By Nikole
Posted on 30.11.2018
I tried these for 7 days (on top of the lotus biscuit flavour for 8 days) hoping to see the great results ive been reading about for the past month Unfortunately for me i didnt see a significant change to warrent the cost of the smoothies ive waited ages as didnt want to write a bad review I did get maybe an ounce extra a day and was having porridge and power pumping to increase my supply I think maybe im just to far gone with my little one being 19mths and my stress hormones working against me but commend your work in creating these smoothies and i wish id known about them when my baby was loosing weight due to tongue tie and waa readmitted to hospital I will continue to follow your work and i like the vitamin benefits of the smoothie so will buy again to use sparingly when i feel my supply needs a lil help Thank you :)
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