Review of Real Chocolate Smoothie Blend - 9 sachets per pack

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By Asher-Marie
Posted on 22.10.2018
What is this wizardry!? After losing a lot of blood in labour my milk supply was never great, I had a consultant tell me “your milk is like skimmed rather than gold top”-well cheers mate, that’s filled me with confidence for my breast feeding journey. Since then I’ve been on a mission to sort not only my milk supply but quality of milk too, because I’ve been ever so desperate to breast feed. I’ve tried mother’s milk tea, fenugreek tables, lactation Cooke’s, and pumped till the cows come home for that all important nipple stimulation- nothing seemed to work. I stumbled across these smoothies on instagram and thought I will try on last thing, and by golly gosh it worked- two smoothies and I can’t literally here my 5 week old chugging the milk, like he’s playing beer pong. I am getting 5oz a day from pumping, which I can now freeze. My milk is now definitely gold top and no longer semi skimmed. I can now feed my 5 week old with confidence, you have taken away all the anxiety. Thank you a
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