Review of Real Chocolate Smoothie Blend - 9 sachets per pack (contains nuts)

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By Maria A.
Posted on 06.10.2018
Oh.Em.Gee! In the early days of breastfeeding I was able to pump and ounce here and there. I tried all kinds of pumps and hand expressing. In the end I just stuck to the exclusively breastfeeding. Then I was attending a wedding and I needed to leave milk for my son. I am always sceptical about things like this due to earlier days of trying everything to get my body to pump! Well...let me tell you this, after about 3 shakes I was pumping like I’ve never pumped before. Pumps started working! Boobs started working with the pumps for the first time ever! I couldn’t believe how quick the shakes got working! Genuine quick time! I was able to go to the wedding with one less thing on my mind knowing that my baby had his milk. I was pleasantly surprised! These are magic. They are lifesavers and yummy ones at that too! Thank you sooooo much! 😘
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