Review of New Hampshire's Presidential Range

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By paul lohnes
Posted on 06.11.2020
Love the map and the digital download. So I preordered the maps and digital download. Well worth the money. I still have this nagging question of why most of this Backcountry mapping stuff ends up on Avenza? The lack of ability to route plan on a PC, like you do for off road MTB and gravel, is a real limitation. Possibly worse is the fact you need to fumble with an Iphone in the field, which is likely going to be frigid, windy, icy (pick your NE condition). Open source maps on a Garmin work like a charm, and you can do all your planning at home on a PC. I have one attached to my pole and a simple glance, with mittens on, is all I need to do. Avenza just seems really limiting. Maybe it's a revenue thing....thats' cool...but just would be nice to understand. I would really appreciate a response to this question.
10.11.2020 Seller
Hi Paul, unfortunately GPX files and open source maps simply get shared too frequently to be a viable option for us... We're always looking for ways to improve, so if anyone reading this has any other ideas on how we can improve the digital product, please reach out via our contact form!