Review of Lake Tahoe: North

Verified Buyer
By Eduard
Posted on 10.11.2019
Fantastic Map. Can't say enough good things about the information provided in this map. Even being a local with many years of backcountry skiing, I was pleased to find a lot of routes I never thought to take or descents I didn't even consider. There's no question it's worth the cost, but there is one flaw that made me a bit disappointed. I find the thickness of the maps to be inadequate. I have many waterproof maps, but this one just seems much thinner and sensitive. If I could ask for one thing, please make these maps more durable
11.11.2019 Seller
Hi Eduard, thanks for the purchase and review. It's great that you found some new lines and zones despite being a local - that's always what we're hoping for! We're sorry to hear that the paper was thinner than you expected. Did you have an actual issue with durability or was it just that the paper seems thin? We've tested in various conditions with various paper thicknesses (and even just attempted to rip the maps) and chose this one based on the fact that it was found to be a great combination of strong and light. We haven't heard of any map tears yet but, if you did have a map tear (or if you'd like to comment further) shoot us an email through our contact form (https://backcountryskimaps.com/contact/) and we'll make sure to set things right!