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Review of Alwych Notebook

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By Jenny A.
Posted on 02.03.2020
My new Alwych address book replaces my old, very well used Alwych address book – which must be over 10 years old. There is still plenty of life in it…but not so much for some of the addressees who have sadly gone to that great bibliotheque in the sky. And frankly, some others I am no longer on speaking terms with! But such is life! :) So time to re-write and update. Lovely that such a classic is still being made and hasn’t changed. I prefer a good old-fashioned address book; the 8”x5” is the perfect one for me. I like the blank pages - it allows me to enter contact details but plenty of room to write further notes alongside. So my address book works as a notebook too. They are robustly made with pages that are sewn in – so I can sellotape lots of snippets and business cards into it – without any of the pages ever falling out. I also have a few of the hardback Denbighs. There’s something very satisfying about Alwych books. Love them!
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