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Review of Alpha Wolf Force X7 - Natural Testosterone Booster

By James T.
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Posted on 24.12.2018
In my mid 30's, eat clean, lift weights 3x a week plus mild cardio and was looking for a little bit of a boost in both the weight room and bedroom. I've been taking Force x7 for about 3 months now (6 weeks on and 2 weeks off) as recommended and I definitely notice improvements. It's nothing major, like I put on 15 pounds of muscle and I suddenly turned into a world class bodybuilder but that was not my goal. Force X7 has more than met my expectations as a natural testosterone booster though. My chest, shoulders and biceps have put on some bulk and I've seen an uptick in my strength and libido as well. I like knowing that the ingredients in Force X7 are natural and great for my overall health too and it's not just for testosterone but I actually just feel healthier overall.
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