Review of Anaïs – Classic Sex Doll 5′6” (166cm) Cup C Ready-to-ship

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By Anonymous
Posted on 09.09.2021
All the time I was awaiting her arrival I’m hoping that when she gets here she will look as good as she does in her pictures in the ad, but it seemed almost too good to be true. Finally the parcel arrives and I’m thinking that I’m either going to be quite happy or quite disappointed. Time to open the box! The first thing I notice is her breasts, which protrude from the bottom of the crate. Ainais is wrapped in a clear plastic bag but her boobs look, and feel, quite real. The next thing I notice is her belly, which is athletic looking and nice and firm. So far so good! I then get to her vagina, which looks incredibly realistic. Some people may prefer the removable vagina but I think it takes away from the realism, which is important to me so I feel it is worth a tiny bit of extra work when it comes to cleanup. Her legs come next and they are well formed and attractive. Her hands and feet have French tips on the nails and are a sexy little detail that adds to the overall effect. When I f
10.09.2021 Seller
Thank you for speaking for us, sir! When you come back next time, please contact our customer services, we would like to offer some exclusive discounts for you. Btw, nice outfits. We would like to share the pic on our social media. Enjoy her!