Review of Kanyan - Classic Sex Doll 5′2” (158cm) Cup D Gel filled breast Ready-to-ship

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By Anonymous
Florida, United States
Posted on 13.09.2021
Kanyan turned out to be a real doll! She came with a pair of white gloves which I put on her delicate hands to protect the nails. Although a pink robe and matching G-string was supplied, I preferred to dress her in a pair of white stockings, white panty and a light blue bra. The gel-filled breasts were very realistic as were all of the details on the face. Wig provided was brunette and was nice and long. Took me a little while of brushing to get any tangles out, but it looked pretty good. Very pretty doll. Able to put her limbs are most reasonable angles for standing, sitting and laying down. Also was supplied with a cleaning kit and instructions. Very nice to have an attractive companion who is in great shape and who I can purchase sexy outfits to dress her up in. If they used these dolls in the department store windows, they'll definitely get more noticed! These dolls do weigh a lot (approx 90 lbs) so if you can't lift a lot of weight, better to get a smaller doll which
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