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Review of Advanced Gaming Supplements

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By Travis N.
Posted on 24.10.2019
I have been seeing more and more companies come out with gaming energy drinks and I thought this was another one of those companies. But, I was wrong. This company does energy drinks but not in the way as G-Fuel, Redbull, Mountain Dew's energy drink, and ect. Instead it gives you a boost in focus, reflex and clarity. I play a lot of Destiny pvp and I notice a significant difference in my performance when I tried this product. I've gotten older over the years and with that comes slower reflexes and laps in decision making skills. Often times I know what I want to do but can't seem to pull it off like I want to. This product helped with that, it made it seem like the game slowed down for me sort of like the movie Wanted. I would suggest you give it a shot and see if it helps your gaming sessions. I will order a canister as soon as they get more in stock.
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