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Review of Advanced Gaming Supplements

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By Luke
Posted on 20.08.2019
I was wrong. I didn't believe that a potentially made-upword I hadn't previously heard of, and used in the marketing for a "gamer" drink would actually make a difference in my day to day life. I repeat, I was wrong. This stuff is magical. The taste is incredible, but it's effect on my brain jelly is where the real magic happens. I have been drinking at least one, occasionally two (ok, sometimes three) energy drinks per day for quite sometime. Not only is the sugar alone hella bad for me, but I can't imagine that all the other stuff in there is going to make me live longer... But I liked them more than coffee, and I'm too weak to operate at work without caffeine. This is where Focus comes into play, I haven't had an energy drink in almost a week, I feel better, my brain is somehow working more efficiently and more clearly, and I've cut my sugar intake down to the occasional snack. It's simply impressive... And LESS EXPENSIVE than my energy drink habit. Like I said... I was wrong.
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