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Review of Advanced Gaming Supplements

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By Zachary S.
Posted on 09.09.2019
I have an ADHD diagnosis, so remaining focused on tasks I need to concentrate on has always been difficult for me. I have daily medication for management, but I always needed an extra kick for early in the morning or closing out my day. Coffee used to do the trick, but I would have terrible crashes after a few hours even on my medication, rendering it pretty much useless. In comes FOCUS, which seems to have zero crash after wearing off probably seven hours later. I also notice being able to remain more alert after FOCUS has worked its way out of my system, leaving me without the grogginess and lethargy I used to endure during evenings and nights. All in all, FOCUS, along with medication, seems to have kicked my ADHD's behind. I'm more productive, more alert, and overall more positive. The fact that it's zero calorie and seemingly supplemental, versus being just an artificial chemical stimulant, is just icing on the cake. I will be using this until I can no longer get my hands on it.
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