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Review of Advanced Gaming Supplements

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By Andrew
Posted on 15.10.2019
This bundle is absolutely amazing. I promise this isn’t a fake response, so I’m keeping it at 100. I first thought these supplements were super fake and just did not work, and full of sugar. So then I looked over some reviews and wanted to really see this for myself. I bought this pack with the shaker and samples and surprisingly it came pretty fast. I tried it right when I got it because I was playing competitive Rocket League at that moment and I had so much energy. I kid you not, I won all of my placement matches and go a pretty good ranking. It gave me this focus and energy to stay on top of things, which is surprising considering I can’t focus for my life including with school work. This was a run on but I definitely recommend this product, also looking forward Mr. Fruit’s Cherry Limeade flavor so I am buying a tub of that for sure.
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