Review of Small Dog CBD Oil (up to 20 lbs)

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By Leanora
Posted on 24.05.2020
Our French Bulldog, Be Be suffers from cluster seizures. Since she has started taking the CBD oil she has only had one very mild seizure. She takes the CBD .025 twice a day along with phenobarbital 32.4 mg twice a day, potassium bromide 300 mg once a day and zonisamide 50 mg twice a day. It is a lot of meds, but finally she her seizures are under control. When we added the CBD to the mix her pheonbarbital dose was reduced from 1 1/2 pill twice a day to one pill twice a day. She is more active, and alert. She is a darling and we want to do all we can to help her. After 2 years of trial and error, adding the CBD has finally helped her. Worth a try.
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