Review of Medium Dog CBD Oil (20-50lbs)

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By Angela Baker
Posted on 10.03.2020
We found ABSC after waiting some time for a canine epilepsy trial of CBD Oil as I work in clinical research and wanted to see some published results in dogs. Finally a study was published in the veterinary equivalent of JAMA by Dr Stephanie McGrath of Colorado State University. We contacted the lead trial coordinator at CSU for the trial protocol and information on where the investigational product was sourced. We started using CBD oil from ABSC in addition to our dog Lucy’s regular AEDs in mid December. And the results have been significant. She went from having seizures every two weeks to one period of two months seizure free and a period of nearly a month. Also the number of seizures in a cluster has decreased significantly. Very minimal of any side effects of the CBD oil other than she may be a little more sleepy. If anyone has a dog with idiopathic epilepsy then highly recommend adding CBD oil. Feel free to contact me with any questions
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