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By Phyllis N.
Posted on 14.10.2019
I got this for my dog, Sunny, after she developed an issue of licking a spot on her leg that initially she had scraped. It was not anything more than that. After it had almost healed, we removed her cone. She continued to lick it raw so back with the cone. The vet checked/tested for issues, and said nothing else was wrong. It appears to be anxiety. She's been dealing with this for about 6 to 8 weeks now. Not sure yet how well the oil is going to work for Sunny. After a week at the initial dose recommended, I didn't see any improvement, so have been gradually increasing the dose per the website that indicates it's safe to increase 5 times baseline, if needed. Right now she's on a double baseline dose and I think it might be helping. We'll have her continue to wear the cone when we can't watch her until it's fully healed. When we can leave her alone and she doesn't lick, then we'll know it's working.
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