Review of Medium Dog CBD Oil (20-50lbs)

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By Erin Keniston
Posted on 11.07.2019
My 7 year old mixed breed dog, Barley, has epilepsy and his last episode almost killed him, in April 2018. He went into status epilepticus and required two nights in the ER plus a billion drugs to get the seizures under control. In July 2018, he had a breakthrough seizure and I gave him a dose of about 6-10 drops of the CBD oil (he hadn't been taking it previously), and the seizure stopped immediately. I also began dosing him 2x daily at the recommended dosage for his size. He hasn't had another seizure since then. My 15 year old mixed breed terrier, Daisy, gets dosed 2x daily for help with arthritis and I credit CBD oil with her continued ability to enjoy life, despite her increasing age and disabilities. I recommend ABSC CBD oil to anyone who will listen.
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