Review of X-Strength CBD Oil (100lbs+)

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By Theresa
Posted on 06.07.2019
I feel confident in the quality of the product and appreciate the dosing for my giant breed is already easily calculated so I can be assured he is getting the appropriate dose. I originally began the CBD oil in an attempt to reduce my Newfoundland’s seizure medication after reading about the study with Colorado State Veterinary Medicine and ABSC’s CBD oil. After giving him the CBD oil for 3 months now we have reduced his medication and he is currently at the lowest dose of seizure medication he has been on in over 2 years. I will continue to slowly lower his medication and hopefully remove it all together as long as he continues to stay seizure free. In addition, I can honestly say we have seen a huge difference in his activity level since beginning the oil and even his vet commented on how much better he was moving. I am so pleasantly pleased with the results to date and would highly recommend this product to other dog owners.
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