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Review of Prosource Diesel

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By Kelby Flynn
Posted on 28.10.2019
Beautiful, the picture does it no justice, i was worried about the quality of the hardware but it is great as well, the install was a breeze the kit contained everything i needed and i couldn't be happier with it! Also a nice little added surprise, the description doesn't tell you there are two ports drilled and tapped in the manifold, you can kind of see them in the picture, but i wasn't sure if they were really there because something like that should be mentioned in the description but sure enough they were there, i plugged one off and used the other one for my EGT sensor. Also another great surprise was when it came time to re install the down-pipe on the turbo it mounted right up just like it did before so the turbo will be in the exact same position that it is now which made reassembly so easy. If i had to have a complaint, it would be that i wasn't able to re install my factory heat shield between the exhaust manifold and my intake tube because the studs provided in the kit wer
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