Análise de Thoroughbred Holster (A-1)

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Por Jim Robinson
Postado em 28.12.2019
I LOVE these holsters. I use these holsters exclusively for my EDC’s. They are low profile (depending on your gun) and the leather warms up to form fits against your body making them the most comfortable holster you can wear. I think I have purchased 8 or 9 of these for different guns over the last few years and every one has been top notch. Comfort is vital to me other wise I will find an excuse not to carry. These holsters never give me an excuse not to. They may not come in pretty finishes like carbon fiber or the multitude of Kydex finishes out there but who see’s it tucked down in your pant’s anyway. For as long as I can carry it will be with these holsters.
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