Opinia dla Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

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Autorstwa Lawrence H.
Zamieszczono 14.10.2019
The first time I attempted my payment did not go thru - I had a gift card from a friend that I wanted to use - so I wrote Key-mart and the Visa folks... Key-mart - even while chat was not open I created a message and was answered within 12 hours... Visa did not contact me so I called - to find out they did see the charge but it was declined because Key-mart was not in the US... well that gave me a bit of a scare as well - But the Key-mark support suggested I use the PayPal icon under the CC and that worked like a charm. The license was granted within 20 minutes and was registered with Microsoft within an hour. Everything went as planned :-) AND I got a GREAT DEAL... somehow...
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