Recensione di X-Strength CBD Oil (100lbs+)

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Pubblicata il 17.05.2020
My husky mix had infrequent idiopathic seizures starting at age 3. They were infrequent enough that the vet recommended a "wait-and-see" approach. Two years later, she had a seizure that she couldn't stay out of, necessitating a midnight emergency vet visit. The vet advised starting medication. After researching the standard medications and their adverse side effects, I opted to first try CBD oil. I chose ABSC because of their products' use in clinical trials at CSU vet school (despite a conflict of interest with the lead researcher owning stock in the company). My dog has had only one seizure since starting CBD oil, and has been seizure-free for just over a year. I am so grateful for this product and the positive outcome my dog has had while on it.
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