Critique de The Hello Cup

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Publié le 14.08.2019
I'm glad I made the switch and wish I had been confident enough to do it earlier. The cup did take some practice to use, however, in part because I have a high cervix. Until I got the hang of it I struggled to get a good enough grip to remove the cup but by the end of this cycle I was a lot more comfortable with the whole process. The cup seemed stiff to me but once inserted I didn't feel a thing. An unexpected positive effect of using the cup is that I have a much more accurate understanding of how much blood I'm losing each day of my period. I also love the bright colours; it makes this miserable part of my month just a little more enjoyable! I recommend giving it a try and sticking through with it for at least a couple of cycles. By that time (if, like me you've spent a small fortune on pads and tampons) at the very least the cup will have paid for itself!
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