Critique de Brawler64 Original

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Publié le 19.11.2020
I will preface by saying that this is my favorite N64 controller by far. It is very comfortable to hold, the buttons feel great, and the joystick is comfortable. I would highly recommend this controller to anybody who does not like the design of the original. However, there are a few flaws that if fixed, would make the controller even better. The first is the Z triggers. They have a lot of travel, which is unnecessary as they are digital buttons. According to Retro Fighters, the new 2.4 ghz wireless version of the Brawler64 will have updated Z triggers that "will have a more original "digital" press versus an "analog" pull", which is great to see, and I hope this comes to the wired version in the future. The second problem is the analog gates of the Joystick. While likely not to be noticed by many, the Joystick has a different analog gate than an original N64 controller. The Brawler64 has an perfect octagon, with all side lengths and angles being equal, while the N64 controller has an
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