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Arvostelijana Alex H.
Lähetetty 19.08.2020
This stuff is great! I have used this before and I have a tendency to get GH side effects: - Lethargy - Low blood sugar (intense sugar cravings) - Increased hunger (which I think is a good thing!) - Intense dreams (also a good thing - my sleep has been great) Because I get these side effects, I believe sarmforsale's MK-677 is dosed very accurately, as I get dose-dependant sides. I halved my dose for the first week, in the second week I increased it a little more (dosing in the AM and PM), and by the third week I am splitting a full dose between the AM and PM. As MK-677 gives pretty massive GH spikes, dosing in the AM and PM has helped minimise the GH related side effects. The sides only last 2-3 weeks maximum for me. I am now over that hurdle and feel great. MK-677 really compliments RAD-140. I have managed to gain 10kg in 12 weeks using this combo previously so I am excited to see the results from this product.
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